With 4th of July just around the corner, I like to show my patriotic spirit by decorating my beach cruiser and riding around town with star-spangled pride. Decorating your bike is a fun way to show off your holiday spirit and gather with family and friends for a fun DIY project. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be the envy of your town as you cruise around showing off your 4th of July spirit.

What you will need;
-Flags ( will be placed around basket)
-Necklaces for bike spokes
-Plates/poster board to make star cutouts that will be used to decorate your wheels.
-2 Bows, 1 bow will be secured in the front of your basket the other bow will go behind your seat

4th july bike decorations

4th July bike decorations

-To cutout a perfect star–print a star outline and trace over plates or poster board. You’ll want to make two different size stars. The larger stars will be placed on the wheel hubs and the smaller stars will be taped onto spokes.

4th july beach cruiser

4th July Star Outline

july fourth bike decor

fourth july fourth bike decor

Stars for Bike Spokes

-Cut necklaces to fit the length of wheel spokes.
-Place necklace strips from wheel hub to edge of rim and tape onto spokes. 

4th july beach cruiser

Stars will go on spokes

-Cut a circle in the center of the star cutouts that will be used on wheel hub.
-Place Star onto hub and secure with tape
-Places small stars around spokes, secure with tape.

4th of July bike decorations

Decorating your bike fore 4th of july

-Decorate your basket by attaching a bow in the front and also placing flags around the basket.

beach cruiser 4th july

-Use another bow behind your seat.

4th july beach cruiser decorations

Now that your bike is fully decorated, it’s time for go out and celebrate.  Use our comments section to share your fun DIY projects. I hope this project is as fun for you as it was for me.

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