A great way to personalize and make your beach cruiser look even more adorable is by snazzing up your basket.  All of our beach cruisers come with a  white wire basket which are easy to paint and decorate. For this DIY project I decided to paint my basket and add a flower band. I wanted to keep it budget friendly so I went to the clearance section of Michaels Arts and Crafts. The flowers I purchased were on sale for 99 cents each as opposed to $2.49. I used pink and blue to match my bike but I also thought about using yellow sunflowers. Yellow sunflowers would add a burst of color and it compliments any color cruiser. The only reason I didn’t choose sunflowers is because they were regular price and that would put me above my $20 budget.

DIY bike basket

DIY bike basket

beach cruiser basket

How to decorate beach cruiser basket.



What you will need;

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Elastic band
  • Flowers
  • Spray can ( I used perfect pink by Design Master) (If you’re under 18 years old you’ll need an adult to purchase the spray can.)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun (optional)
How to decorate bike basket

DIY beach cruiser bike basket

1.) Measure elastic and cut at 25 inches. If you’re decorating another basket, you want to stretch out the elastic and wrap it around the basket. If you’re measuring the circumference of the basket without stretching the elastic band, the band won’t be snug and it will fall off.

diy flower bike basket

DIY flower bike basket

2.) Paint your basket. If possible do this outside on a patch of grass to avoid overspray on the floor.Once you’ve painted your basket, set it aside and let it dry.

DIY bike basket decoration

Personalize your bike basket

3.) Measure ribbon to twice the size of the elastic, 50 inches for our Venice Basket.

cute flower basket

4.) Sew ribbon to elastic band. Note: When sewing ribbon to elastic band make sure elastic is stretched out.

5.) Remove flowers from stem.

beach cruiser custom basket

Flower Bike Basket

6.) To get an idea of where the flowers will be placed, stretch out elastic and roughly map out where you want to place flowers. For our basket it’s roughly every inch and a half with the elastic NOT stretched.

decorating bike basket

Bike basket flower band

7.) Add flowers. You can use a glue gun or sew flowers on. While glue gunning the flowers is easier and faster, the flowers are more secure if they’re sowed on – you can use a combination of both to make it easier.

cute bike basket 2

Flower bike basket

8.) Once basket is dry, add flower band.

DIY flower bike basket

DIY flower bike basket

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