What’s the best place to hang out in Los Angles? Why, the middle of the street. Not all the time, of course, but when it’s CICLAVIA time, game on. If you’re confused, don’t worry, you won’t be for long.

Once you know what CICLAVIA is all about, chances are that you are going to want to be involved, so let’s start with explaining what it is, and then we can deal with the when and the where of it all. First off, that word doesn’t have to be so intimidating. “Ciclavia.” Try saying it a few times. Here’s a hint: see, claw, vee, uh. See-claw-vee-uh. CICLAVIA! There, now you’ve got it.

What is Ciclavia?

Ciclavia is an event, a happening, it’s a meeting of place and people. It’s a movement that’s all about movement. And it’s moving the people of LA. When it started, over thirty years ago, it was moving the people in Bogota, Columbia. Ciclovia, it was called then (and still is, there and many other places throughout the Americas), meaning, essentially, “cycling street.”

You see, what Ciclavia is all about is the street, sans cars. It’s about clearing all the vehicles off of long stretches of LA streets and creating huge open air spaces for cyclists and joggers, skaters and walkers, kids and parents and couples and singles and anyone and everyone, moving around freely on any sort of conveyance they want, as long as that conveyance is moved only by them (and gravity, sure). When it’s Ciclavia time, it’s a party in the streets, a moveable feast, it’s a community brought together just by being able to meet in the middle, rather than driving by all the time.

Sound good? We thought so. Now, when can you grab your bike (or your skateboard or your unicycle or your running shoes) and get out into the streets? Soon enough. The next Ciclavia is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 21st. It will start at 10 AM and keep on keeping on until 3 in the afternoon. And it will span the distance from downtown Los Angeles all the way to the sandy beaches of Venice. That’s mile after mile of wide open possibility for you and the gang. It’s the open road open for you to explore as never before.

There’s More To Do Than Peddle

And thanks to the dozens and dozens of restaurants and businesses that will be open for business and front the proposed route, Ciclavia is about more than just moving under your own power, it’s about creating miles and miles of street fair like you’ve never seen. So put it in the calendar, make sure the gears are oiled and the tires inflated, and then start counting down the days until the city of Los Angeles turns briefly into the city of Ciclavia. No cars – no honking, no exhaust, no gridlock – just people.

When’s The Next Los Angeles Ciclavia? 

You can keep tabs on the plans at the Ciclavia website http://www.ciclavia.org. And hey, if you want to get involved, go for it – volunteers and support are always welcome. We’re all in this together, after all, as we head down the road.

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