Our beach cruiser bikes are designed and released each season, so we may not always have all of our color combinations available. We do offer a pre-order option for bikes we do not have in stock, but are on the way.

Currently the ladies beach cruisers we have in stock and for sale are:

Both the cotton candy and rose pink beach cruiser. They both come with a pink frame, however the cotton candy has a baby blue accented bike rim while the rose bike has a matching pink accented bicycle rim.

Link to the rose pink: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/pink-beach-cruiser/

Ladies Pink Beach Cruiser Bike

Ladies Pink Beach Cruiser Bike

Link to the cotton candy pink: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/cotton-candy-pink-beach-cruiser-bicycle/

Pink Beach Cruiser Bicycle Women

Pink Beach Cruiser Bicycle

We also have our limited edition mint green beach cruiser available in stock. Our mint green has become our most popular, likely because of the pearlescent green paint finish. Link to the limited edition mint green cruiser bike: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/mint-green-beach-cruiser-bike

ladies mint green beach cruiser bike

Green Beach Cruiser Bike for Ladies

Our Creme Brûlée and as well as our Cloud Blue ladies beach cruisers are also available in stock. Both the creme brûlée yellow and cloud blue are pastel tones, giving these ladies bikes a beach vibe to them regardless where your trail may take you.

Link  to the creme brûlée yellow beach cruiser bike: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/creme-brulee-yellow-beach-cruiser-bicycle/

yellow beach cruiser bicycle

yellow beach cruiser bicycle for women

Link to the cloud blue cruiser bike: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/blue-beach-cruiser-bicycle/

Ladies Beach Bike

Ladies beach bike – Cloud Blue Cruiser by Venice Beach Bicycles

Last but certainly not least is our emerald green ladies beach cruiser bike. Also sometimes referred to as forest green, the shimmer from the metallic green paint on this bike turn heads as you ride by.

Link to the emerald green cruiser bike: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/green-ladies-beach-cruiser/

beach cruiser bike

Ladies beach cruiser bike

Currently available for preorder:

Out of stock, but one the way is our Posh white ladies beach cruiser. Our white beach cruiser was first to sell out last season and by the preorders that have come in so far, we’re expecting the same this season. If you’d like to buy the white ladies beach cruiser, its best you preorder as it may sell out before they come in.

Link to the posh white ladies beach bike: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/shop/whitebeachcruiser/

white beach cruiser bike

Posh white beach cruiser bike for women

All of our bicycles can be purchased through our online store. Our bikes come 80% assembled; you’ll need connect the seat, handle bars, connect the front break, front wheel, and basket. Assembly instructions for your beach cruiser can be found here: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/beach-cruiser-assembly-instructions/

We are available through live chat, phone, as well email through our contact page: http://venicebeachbicycles.com/contact/ so please contact us with any questions you may have. We love talking bikes!

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