CicLAvia first started over thirty years ago in Bogota, Columbia. The citizens of Bogota were fed up with the endless traffic congestion and desired a way to experience their city in a more natural way- as pedestrians. The residents, local businesses and civic authorities all combined to move automotive traffic off the streets and move the people back in. Today, many cities take part in these community connecting events.

Street Fun in Crowded Los Angeles

During CicLAvia, it’s truly a great time to live in Los Angeles. All manner of fun and food is to be found on the car free streets of the city. In Los Angeles, the benefits of a street festival are immense. Families and individuals take to the broad streets on foot or on bicycles. They explore all that their neighborhood has to offer, at a natural pace. The street, the most massive of public spaces, serves its people as a healthy corridor between neighborhoods to local businesses and parks packed with different events.

ciclavia pics los angeles

Coming Soon!

The next CicLAvia in Los Angeles will be held April 6th, 2014. It will run a six mile stretch of lovely Wilshire Boulevard. The route is split into a series of hubs, each with its own atmosphere and unique attractions. The ends of the route are open to pedestrians only, but the rest of the route is open to any non-motorized vehicle or walker. Police will be on hand at designated car crossing areas to ensure a safe and fun time.

Cyclists will truly shine at this festival. Imagine riding down the street- you’re able to see, hear, and smell the city without a car in the way!

CicLAvia bike ride

Plan Ahead

To have the best time be sure to plan your trip before-hand. The festival runs from 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM. Try to be at or near your entrance point an hour ahead of time to avoid car traffic. Participants are asked to be aware of those around them and be willing to share the road with everyone, no matter their transportation method. In general, slower travelers should keep right while faster travelers should stay to the left. All participants should travel with the flow of traffic.

Be sure to bring plenty of water. Wear suitable clothing. Don’t forget sunscreen and stunna shades.


Fun-Filled Hubs

Children will be treated to special Kid’s Zones. These are safe spaces for kids to learn about safe cycling and tons of other fun activities. Kids can enjoy the kid-friendly arts and crafts, play on over-sized board games and dance to all types of music.

Adults are not left out of the fun. There is great food, many niche vendors, and a carnival atmosphere. Adults will enjoy novel attractions such as funky memorabilia stands, custom made costumes and bikes, and a plethora of food trucks. CicLAvia is not to be missed!

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